Trentham Pottery Owners and Designers

William and Walter Moorcroft

William Moorcroft 1872-1945

bullet William Moorcroft was born in Burslem

bullet His father was well-known in the pottery industry as a designer and painter

bullet William studied at the National Art Training School in South Kensington, later the Royal College of Art

bullet He was employed as designer at James Macintyre, Washington Works, Burslem 1897 - 1913

bullet Before him the designer was Harry Barnard, who went to work at Wedgwood, Etruria

bullet Moorcroft based his names for ware on the natural world eg Florian Ware

bullet Moorcroft developed a lasting relationship with Liberty of London, which resulted in a special backstamp being used from about 1903

bullet Moorcroft was told that in June 1913 his department would be closed

William Moorcroft

bullet At once Moorcroft began to plan a new factory, where he could continue to make the style of pottery which was associated with his name

bullet 1913 was a spectacular year for William Moorcroft because he married Florence Lovibond, a factory inspector and he moved with his workforce to the new factory in Cobridge, probably the first pottery factory built in the 20th Century, finance in part by Liberty's


bullet The factory may have been designed by Florence, in harmony with the regulations which were passed in 1913

bullet It was a single storey with a surface on the floor which was easily cleaned by mopping


bullet William Moorcroft lived at Glendair, Albert Drive (now Road), Trentham

bullet They had two children Beatrice born in 1914 and Walter born in 1917

bullet William Moorcroft never had a car

bullet Florence died of pneumonia in 1926

bullet He married for the second time in 1928. His second wife, Hazel, was a member of the Lasenby family which owned Liberty. They had one son, John, born in 1938


bullet His method of making is the same today

bullet Moorcroft tube lined his designs, filled in the spaces with oxides, finally covering the whole pot with a colourless glaze. Fired twice

bullet An area in which Moorcroft succeeded was flambé, a deep red surface, which was derived after a third firing when copper was used, mixed with earth

bullet He devised special designs for flambé. William's health was not robust. He had taken the factory through two World Wars

bullet He died in October 1945, when Walter took over the daily running of the Company

House House
House House

Walter Moorcroft 1917-2002

bullet Walter Moorcroft was born in Trentham

bullet He lived at Glendair, Albert Drive (Road), Trentham until he married his first wife in 1946

bullet By the time Walter was eleven he had taken up golf and bridge

bullet In 1935 Walter joined William at the Cobridge Works. He could have gone to Cambridge University

bullet He learnt the trade by observation

bullet Walter's early designs were not credited to his hand, instead they went from the Works as William's

bullet Spring 1943 called up for military service. Advised to go to the Intelligence Corps

bullet Walter took over W. Moorcroft Limited on 1.10.1945, his leave was extended until demobilisation took place

House House

The continuation of the Company

bullet Walter reduced the number of shapes

bullet He made many small things

bullet Moorcroft became an Associate Company of Churchill China. The raised lined were cast in with the mould, so different from the past

bullet This did not settle the Bank. They gave the two brothers 48 hours to clear the huge debt. They invited Richard Dennis and Hugh Edwards to take on the Company in September 1986. This worked for a short time, until December 1992.

bullet The Edwards Family has been in sole charge since January 1993