Local People

Research, family reminiscences and photos have been blended into information panels and videos about some of the individuals and families, who were living in the Trentham area in the early decades of the 1900s.

In 2018 we marked one hundred years since women gained the vote by featuring some of the women living in Trentham in 1918.

The project will continue to add people as their details come to our attention.If you have information that you would like to share, please use the contact form.

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1911 Census listed by address
1918 Electoral Register A/Z listed by surname

1939 Register The 1939 Register was taken at the end of September 1939 to record the civilian population, early in the war, to help in the production of identity cards and ration books.

1939 Register listed by address. This covers Hem Heath, Ash Green New Inn Lane and Barlaston Old Road.

1939 Register listed by address. This covers Stone Road East, New Inn Lane and the houses inbetween.

1939 Register listed by address.This covers Trentham Gardens, Park Drive, Whitmore Road and The Dairyfields.

John Cuthbert Bailey of New Park - (Information panel pdf)

The Baines Family
Colonel Jimmy Baines
Rita Baines - Pilot
Rita Baines - Planes
Rita Baines - Air Hostess
Rita's Husband - David Colby
Rita Baines - The Later Years
Bassett Family of Strongford Farm - (Information panel pdf)

The Blair Family - (Video 3:48)

Peter Blair - Trentham's Head Gardener - (Information panel pdf)

Bickerton's Shop - Brough Lane - (Information panel pdf)

William Boxall-Huntsman - (Information panel pdf)

Brassingtons of New Inn Mill - (Information panel pdf)

Wilf Burt - A Conversation - (Film 45:27)

Wilf Burt - A Tribute - (Video 3:21)

Abraham Clay Senior - Blacksmith - (Information panel pdf)

Abraham Clay Junior - Engineer - (Information panel pdf)

The Clays of Longton Road - (Video 5:32)

The Corn Family - (Information panel pdf)

The Corn Family - (Video 4:03)

Fieldings of Longton Road - (Information panel pdf)

Claude Forse- Headmaster - (Information panel pdf)

Emily French and Nellie Barlow - Nurses and Midwives - (Information panel pdf)

Nurse French and Nurse Barlow - (Video 1:37)

Archdeacon Malcolm Graham - Vicar of Trentham - (Information panel pdf)

Archdeacon Malcolm Graham - A Potteries Parson - (scrollable presentation pdf)

Archdeacon Malcolm Graham - A Potteries Parson - (Video 15:21)

Reginald Haggar - Artist - ( Video 3:57)

William Booth Hackney of Barlaston Old Road - (Information panel pdf)

Boyce Hayes - Chauffeur to the Duke of Sutherland - (Information panel pdf)

Johnson Family of Pear Tree Cottage - (Information panel pdf)

Millicent Duchess of Sutherland - (Information panel pdf)

Millicent Duchess of Sutherland and the Cripples Guild - ( Video 4:08)

Florence Moorcroft - (Video 1:22)

Walter Moorcroft - A Trentham childhood - (Information panel pdf)

Pauer Family Making Headlines - (Information panel pdf)

Penson Family - (Information panel pdf)

Percy Rawlins of Earl Street - (Information panel pdf)

George Snape of Brough Lane - (Information panel pdf)

George Snape - (Video 1:43)

Trentham Church Tiles - life and times of those remembered - (booklet)

NEW Trentham Churchyard memorials -(pdf)

Adolph Wenger of Trentham - (Video 5:57)

Adolph Wenger of The Priory - (Information panel pdf)

Women of Trentham

Daisy Aynsley
Sidney Bailey
Edith Barnett
Mary Bassett
Mary Brassington
Martha Clay
Nancy Corn
Margaret Forse
Ellen Hackney
Emily Horrobin
Florence Moorcroft
Fanny Paget
Mary Prestwood
Isabelle Wenger
Composite photo of local people